Bucklebury Wolves Football Club


Question: How do I join?

Answer: Please use the "contact us" page. On receipt of your message, you will be introduced to the respective team manager.

Question: Does my son/daughter have to play every week? 

Answer: We understand that it's difficult to play every week due to other commitments. We ask that they play as often as possible.

Question: I am not sure if my son/daughter will enjoy it.

Answer: If we have space, why don't you bring them down and see how it goes.

Question: My son/daughter is very shy. 

Answer: That's OK, they can join in the game as much or little as they like.

Question: How do I volunteer? 

Answer: Please use the "contact us" page?

Question: What skills do I need to have to volunteer? 

Answer: The club is run by parents. You do not need any formal football or sports qualifications to volunteer......you just need enthusiasm and lots of patience.

Question: Do you provide football kit?

Answer: No, your child can wear any appropriate clothing and then we use bibs when we need to split the children for training sessions and games.

Question: Do you provide shirts for matches?

Answer: Yes, we provide shirts for matches and tournaments.

Question: Do you play in all weather?

Answer: If football is cancelled due to weather, the respective team manager will contact you.

Question: How do you communicate with parents?

Answer:  Each team manager is responsible for communicating with their respective team. He or she may choose to do this via email, text, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Question: Can I volunteer to help?

Answer: Yes, please us the "contact us" page as we are always looking for people to help.

Question: Do you play competitive football?

Answer: We are not a league club and we do not play competitive football every week. We do however play against other teams and in competitions.

Question: Where do you play?

Answer: On the playing fields in Bucklebury village.

Question: Can boys and girls play?

Answer: Yes.

Question: My child is not very good at football, is this ok?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: It’s free, however we ask parents to donate once a year if they can afford to contribute

Question: Does my son/daughter have to wear shin pads?

Answer: Yes, we recommend that all children wear shin pads when playing football.

Question: How big are your teams?

Answer: In most teams, there are 15-20 children

Question: Do you mix age groups?

Answer: Yes, where we do not have enough children in one age group, we will combine 2 age groups together (e.g. year 4 and year 5)